Project Summary
Project Summary
Sector Name : RAILWAYS.

Reported Date : 09-SEP-21

MOU Status : Project Under MOU for 2017-2018

Monthly Report : 10 / 2021

Cost Overrun (%)-   585.35

Time Overrun (Months)-    36

Total/Pending/Completed Milestone - 15 / 11 / 4

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Background Information

¿ Junakheda - Staff Quarters: Type III Block- Excavation one block completed. ¿ Jhalarapatan - Footing Casting one block, TSS column upto plinth and RR Masonry on quarters done. Junakheda - Aklera Section:- ¿ Ballast Supply 500 Cum ¿ Flash Butt Welding 435 Nos. ¿ Earthwork in cutting : 6000 Cum ¿ Type III Quarters:- Excavation, PCC in one block and Steel bending, binding done. Aklera- Nayagaon section:- ¿ Ametha:- Platform wall brick masonry, plaster & Boulder filling work completed. ¿ Tunnel T-2: Rib erection, legging fixing & backfilling completed. ¿ ROB 3-A: R3 Raft and 1st lift of A2, R3 & R4 done. ¿ ROB 3-B: completed. ¿ Br. No. 99: Assembling of 30.5 M Girder started. ¿ Br. No. 142B: Abutment A2 foundation excavation and PCC done. Abutment A1 & A2- Raft 500 Cum completed Return wall R1 & R2 raft 1000 Cum completed. Abutment A1 1st lift 49Cum casted. Nayagaon - Biaora Rajgarh section ¿ ROB 18 between Khichipur-Jeerapur: 703 Panels casted. Junakheda – Aklera & Aklera- Nayagaon Section Earthwork Cutting: 12500 Cum Filling‘: 7500 Cum Total 13000 + 7000 = 20000 Cum Junakheda Aklera section Ametha station platform wall rubble masonry 450 Cum completed.Plaster work on platform wall 720 sqm done Aklera Nayagaon section ROB ROB 3A casting of R3 retaining wall raft. 1st lift of R4 retaining wall completed. Road approach at ROB 3B 3 panel done. Bridge Br no 124 - Span1:- Slab and Ballast wall casting, Span2:- Ballast wall casting abutment A1 ,R1 and R2 foundation excavation and PCC done, and abutment A1 raft steel binding completed, ROB 08: 180 Panel casting done


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Forest Land11/20050/0PendingNormal

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