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Online Computerised Monitoring System (OCMS) for Projects and Infrastructure Monitoring


  • The Project Monitoring Division and Programme Implementation Wing in the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOS&PI) is the management arm of the Government of India (GOI). It provides management services by providing latest information in a global manner on implementation of projects/programmes costing Rs 150 crores and above and performance of infrastructure sectors
  • The Project Monitoring Division brings out periodical reports, review notes highlighting deficiencies and action areas facilitating the administrative ministries and project authority concerned in timely implementation of projects and programmes and provides control mechanism to arrest delays in implementation. It also assists apex GOI bodies such as Public Investment Board (PIB), Committee of Secretaries (COS) and Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure (CCI) in reviewing and decision making process. Project Monitoring Division of the MOS&PI besides appraisal and monitoring of the projects, acts as nodal agency, takes up measures to improve the systems and procedures, facilitates adoption of latest project management techniques and enhancement of the ability of the project managers and the management professionals.

Project Objective

GOI has undertaken the project on Institutional Strengthening in Project Monitoring Division and Programme Implementation Wing to achieve the objective of enhanced performance in their core activities of monitoring projects and programme implementation. Major components proposed to constitute the project are:

Major components proposed to constitute the project are:

  • Strengthening the mechanism for monitoring the implementation of projects and programmes leading to development of efficient monitoring system
  • Organisational Strengthening to enable efficient operations
  • Developments of the IT strategy to Web enable the monitoring system for on-line information capturing
  • To enhance processing and analysing capabilities to bring out quality reports which are action oriented.

Key aims of the project

The project is being carried out in two Phases.

Phase I of the project would computerize the existing system using Internet technology and provide on-line transfer of information, processing of information with least human interface and bring quality action oriented outputs.

The Phase II of project will commence with the review of the systems of monitoring Programme/Project Planning, Implementation and Performance Management of Infrastructure in Public and Private Sector. The interfaces with concerned administrative ministries/project authorities and stakeholders/user agency viz. Prime Ministerís Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Planning Commission and the concerned administrative Ministries would also be studied. Based on the review the consultants will recommend the necessary changes in the system, organization and suggest improvement in the adopted IT strategy.

Benefits of OCMS

To facilitate the online capturing of information from project executing agencies and nodal ministries, a MOS&PI Extranet is set up. This Extranet is implemented through Programme Implementation Wing website. As a project executing agency, you are a partner in Projects and will be able to access the MOS&PI extranet, which could be through any Internet enabled computer from your office. All information being entered by a partner in web-enabled forms will be sent online and received by concerned MOS&PI officer through a secure tunnel.

Some of the other direct benefits that will be derived by project partners are given below:

  • Secure access to project information
  • Global view of all projects
  • Progress of a particular partnerís project
  • Online availability of project events
  • Recording of project experience
  • Sharing of project knowledge across sectors
  • Documents released by the Government of India for project partners

How to access Extranet

As you could see from Figure 1A, restricted access is available to all secondary stakeholders including project partners or executing agencies. A user identification code and password will be allocated to each partner to facilitate the access to Extranet. Any Internet enabled computer can be used to access the OCMS Extranet. This access will be facilitated through Project Implementation Wing website with URL On reaching this website, partners will find a portion of website is dedicated for them. Access to this section would require the user identification code and password allocated to each partner.