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Programme Implementation Wing

The Programme Implementation Wing has three Divisions, namely, Infrastructure Monitoring Project Monitoring Division and Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme Division.

Infrastructure and Project Monitoring Division

The Infrastructure & Project Monitoring Division (IPMD) is the Project Management arm and apex monitoring institution of the Government of India. It performs triple role in monitoring the implementation status of central sector projects costing more than Rs 150 Crores in 16 infrastructure sectors and performance of key 11 infrastructure sectors. The IPMD brings out several analytical reports. The role of IPMD can be summarized as below:–
• a monitor of the implementation of projects and infrastructure performance
• an initiator of systemic improvements and of better project management practices and
• a facilitator in taking up issues with the relevant authorities in case of individual projects.

1. Project Monitoring
The IPMD is mandated with monitoring of Central Sector Projects costing more than Rs. 150 crore in 16 sectors. The monitoring of the implementation of the Central Sector Projects above Rs.150 crore is done through the mechanism of Online Computerized Monitoring System (OCMS). The constant persuasion of the IPMD has resulted in improved reporting and now majority of the Public sector enterprises are reporting on-line. The physical performance are measured in terms of milestones and percentage physical progress against the target dates and quantities whereas the financial performance is measured on a yearly basis with respect to the link expenditure on each project. IPMD brings out the following reports and forward the same to Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Ministry of Finance, Planning Commission and the concerned administrative Ministries.
(a) Monthly Flash Report on Central Sector Projects (Rs. 150 crore and above) in which the projects with time and cost overruns are flagged, is brought out every month.
(b) Also, a detailed Quarterly Project Implementation Status Report, providing information on all projects on the monitor, is brought out every quarter.
2. Infrastructure Performance Monitoring
In addition to the infrastructure monitoring, the Ministry takes stock of the performance of 11 key infrastructure sectors which include Power, Coal, Steel, Railways, Shipping and Ports, Fertilizers, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Civil Aviation and Roads, Telecommunication. The performance of these sectors is analyzed with reference to the pre-set targets for the month and for the cumulative period and the achievements during the corresponding month and cumulative period for the last year. Infrastructure performance is regularly reported through the following monthly reports:-
(i) Review Report on Infrastructure Performance.
(ii) Capsule Report on Infrastructure Performance (Now merge with Report (i)).
3. One of the important contributions of the IPMD has been bringing in systemic improvements to facilitate better implementation of projects, from time to time. The IPMD has been instrumental/facilitator in flagging/ bringing out the problems in the periodical review meetings of the projects by the concerned administrative Ministries, which enables identifying constraints and facilitating the removal of these constraints, setting up of an Empowered Committees for Departmental projects and Standing Committees to fix responsibility for time and cost overruns in administrative Ministries/Departments; appointment of a nodal officer for each project co-terminus with the duration of the project; inter-ministerial coordination for resolving problems of inter-ministerial nature; improved procedure for cost benefit analysis, delegation of more powers at the project level, institution of MOU system, etc.
4. A Project Implementation Manual which inter-alia captures all the latest procedures and guidelines and prescribes a detailed check-list for most of the social and infrastructure sectors, for the public sectors, has been compiled and released by the IPMD during last financial year.
5. Training courses on project management for project managers of PSUs, etc are undertaken by the IPMD from time to time. The Division also supports other initiatives on conducting courses/ seminars/workshops on Project Management.
6. IPMD also covers delayed projects through site visits and takes up the relevant issues of these projects with the concerned authorities.
7. The Division has been able to meet all the annual targets with respect to bringing out reports on periodical basis despite facing serious shortage of staff at all levels. These reports contain project wise status in detail and describe the reasons for the time and cost overrun in the analytical presentation. However, no other constraints felt in the meeting the targets.

Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) Division monitors the implementation of the various works/activities under the MPLAD Scheme. The Scheme has made a very good impact on the development of various areas throughout the country. The works of different varieties have come up for the benefit of public at large. These works consist of construction of libraries, school buildings, approach roads, small bridges, community centres, installation of computers in the schools, etc.