As per MOU guidelines 2014-2015,para 3.22(c).Non-reporting of data on MOSPI website( be penalised.

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Online Computerised Monitoring System for Central Sector Projects cost Rs150 Crores and above

Resources for the Project Agencies

Project agencies can view and update their project related information using this site.


Following is the list of project related information that would be updated by project agencies:

  • Project background details: After the project is initiated in the OCMS by the PMD officer at Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, a Project background details form would be created. The details provided in the background (In case, this background form is not available, you can inform the Ministry.)
  • Project progress reporting forms: Quarterly and Monthly input forms for the projects are available in the OCMS.
  • Project Nodal Person details: Nodal Officers Details are NecessaryNodal Officer.