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Programme Implementation Wing

Successful implementation of various projects and schemes constitutes one of the most significant conditions for development. Effective coordination judiciously matched with regular monitoring thus becomes an important element in ensuring their successful completion with improved efficiency at a greater speed and on a reduced cost.

Project Highlight's

  • --------- Quaterly Project Status As On January-March,2021-22 ---------
  • Total No. of Projects(reported): 1759 (Rs.150 cr. & above)
  • Total Original Cost : Rs. 23,59,070.55 crore
  • Total Anticipated Cost: Rs.26,27,178.79 crore
  • % Of Cost Over Run With Respect to Latest Sactioned Estimates : 9.0%
  • Total Cost Of the Completed Projects : Rs. 82,243.37 crore
  • --------- Flash Project Status As on May,2022 ---------
  • Total No. of Projects(reported)in May,2022: 1568 (Rs150 cr. & above)
  • Flash Report for May,2022
  • --------- Trends of Projects During the Last Five years ---------
  • Added VS Completed
  • Due for Commissioning VS Completed
  • Corrigendum regarding extension of last date of submission

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