As per MOU guidelines 2014-2015,para 3.22(c).Non-reporting of data on MOSPI website( be penalised.

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Online Computerised Monitoring System for Projects being implemented by M/o External Affairs

Resources for the Project Agencies

Project agencies can view and update their project related information using this site.

The site is working fine for Internet Explore versions 8.0 and 9.0.


  • User is requested to provide all the requisite ‘Master Data’ i.e. Continent Name, Country Name, Sector Name and Agency Name to MoSPI through Email address or
  • Based on the information as provided by user, the officers in MoSPI will create the ‘Master Information’ in the OCMS and will communicate to User the requisite authentication Ids and Passwords like Sector Code/Id and Password etc. required for initiating the project.
  • Once the Sector Id and Password is sent to User via Email, User can create/initiate a new project.
  • User is required to initiate the project by entering complete and requisite information which would further generate a ‘Temporary Code’ e.g. T1302.
  • User is requested to send the generated ‘Temporary Code’ to MoSPI. After receiving the Temporary Code, MoSPI will generate the Final Project Id and Password and will communicate the Project Id and Password to the User via Email.
  • After receiving the final Project Id and Password, the User would be allowed to enter Milestones Master Module.
  • User is also required to periodically enter progress data for the milestones and project respectively.